Keyi Studio was founded by two artists & photographers Izabella Chrobok and Grzegorz Bacinski  based half in Berlin, Germany and in Shenzhen, China with roots in Poland. They have both creative background in design field and since three years they run company called KEYI STUDIO focused on photography, film & art projects. Connecting digital and analogue media, they are exploring new solutions to achieve the best possible results to visualise and realise ideas in the creative and innovative way Рadjusted to the project individually.

Published  internationally in magazines such as Mixmag , Groove , DJ Mag , KALTBLUT by Vice, Vulkan , HUF , Instutute , Dreamingless , Feroce and more.

Editors of KEYI MAGAZINE – an independent Fashion and Art Magazine with a mission to discover and promote new and established talents mainly in Asia and Europe featuring and exposing many artists in print every month and online on regular basis .